David Fuentes, Restoration Artist and Designer


Though formally trained as a graphic designer, David Fuentes shifted his design interests to furniture when he became involved in collecting and selling antiques with a colleague in Mexico City over 30 years ago. His training in furniture restoration flourished with his move to the U.S. — he studied at The Finishing School for decorative finishes, at the Furniture Conservation Training Institute of the Smithsonian Institution, and at NYU’s Appraisal Studies program. His professional resume includes furniture restorer and manager of restoration for various antique dealers, as well as head of the furniture


conservation and restoration department at the renowned Julius Lowy Frame Restoring Company. Mr. Fuentes, principal of DF Conservation, started his own business in 1993.

Mr. Fuentes is a member of the AIC (American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works). He continues to expand his knowledge of furniture conservation through workshops and seminars, and enjoys spending time at museums, auction houses and anywhere he can appreciate the many facets of decorative art objects.