“DF Conservation has accomplished many jobs for us over many years, from finishing new custom furniture to restoring damaged antiques — from spot touch ups to whole rooms of cabinetry. DF Conservation will not only travel to make assessments on-site, but will research and recommend the best course to take for restoration, and provide samples. When necessary, their team will accomplish work on-site and on-schedule, protecting the surroundings…we have always been happy with the beautiful results.


“DF Conservation has for the past seven years done such an excellent job in restoring rare and expensive objects back to their original beauty, we have shipped important pieces from Florida to New York and back, so David Fuentes can work his magic, as we do not trust anyone locally to do the job right.”


“DF Conservation did the initial restoration of a turn of a century Greenwich Village town house. When JJ has a client that requires wood restoration, we always consult DF Conservation as their work is impeccable and our clients demand perfection.”


"DF Conservation does superb, quick, and beautiful work. They visited my apartment within days of my call in order to inspect the pieces in question and provided a detailed estimate for each piece within a couple days. They recently worked on several pieces for me ranging from a 19th century English sideboard to 20th century bar cabinets. Their work restored my unique pieces so that they are "whole" again, but not "over done". The dull finishes are refreshed, the missing marquetry replaced, the lifted and chipped lacquer consolidated and conserved, and still each individual piece retains its gorgeous original patina and feel. Pieces are not tarted up so that they look like reproductions of antiques. I appreciate their sensitivity to what each piece should look like and their efforts to preserve the "history" of each unique object.

On top of their wood work, they have also fixed furniture locks and made missing keys, touched up the silver leaf on my 1940s sconces, and referred me to other amazingly good experts in other areas. DF Conservation has proven to be a one-stop shopping spot for my object conservation needs! I cannot recommend them enough."


"DF Conservation has been working with us since we opened our NYC shop in 2003. They handle all our restoration requests, ranging from small repairs and touch-ups to larger consolidations and color matching of entire pieces of furniture. We can always rely on DF Conservation to get the job done, both promptly and expertly."