Studio restoration services
Our studio restoration services provide the proper care for your antiques and fine contemporary furnishings. more


When considering finishes for restoration purposes, we first establish the period of the object, then observe the patina and aging characteristics before suggesting appropriate treatment. Finishes could be various types of waxes or oils, French polish, varnishes, or lacquers, such as the one used in japanning, or a nitro-cellulose lacquer. We also offer modern finish applications, including catalyzed lacquers, conversion varnishes, and polyurethanes. These can be hand-rubbed polished/piano finished.

We believe in a greener future and will use water-based versions of the above-mentioned where applicable, and when available. close


Contemporary custom finishes
All finishes can be customized to client specifications. more


Simply stated, gilding is the application of gold leaf to wood. more


On-site services
What happens when an object cannot be taken to the studio for consolidation or restoration? more


Maintenance services
Conservation services can be tailored to your collection through a maintenance program. more


Professional consultation services
We prepare evaluations for insurance claims resulting from damages caused by fire, water or in transit.


Added value
For clients who are considering purchasing a wooden object or a collection of furniture, we can provide a restoration estimate prior to their making the investment.


Special projects

Please contact us to discuss your special projects.


Summary of Conservation and Restoration Services