Leather Restoration


Leather Restoration is often a delicate task requiring patience and attention to detail.

Step 1: Initial Assessments:

  • Inspection for mold spots
  • Inspection for ink stains
  • Inspection for cracks
  • Inspection for burns

Step 2: Initial Leather Cleaning / Refinishing:

  • Surface Cleaned
  • Application of cures for molds, cracks and burns
  • Refinshing (Optional)

DF Conservation blends a passion for perfection with tasteful restraint in its leather restoration of period and contemporary furniture, woodwork, and wooden architectural objects. Attention to detail and a respect for the integrity of a piece during the restoration process allow us to retain its original nature as much as possible.

Call us at 718-381-3548 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We're located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just outside of New York City.


Antique Furniture Restoration Services

. Structural repairs

. Compensation for missing parts

. Consolidation of veneers and inlays

. Touch-ups

. Matching stains to existing finishes

. Castings

. Carving

. Caning

. Leatherwork

. Upholstery

Furniture Refinishing Services

. French polish

. Waxes

. Oils and varnishes

. Hand-rubbed finishes for lacquers and polyurethane

. Patinas/aging/antiquing

. Gilding

. Glazing

. Strie

. Ceruse

. Distressing

. Sand-blasting

. Custom and special finishes as per client specifications