Wood Furniture Restoration


David Fuentes Conservation specializes in Wood Furniture Restoration of period and contemporary furniture, woodwork, and wooden architectural objects. Attention to detail and a respect for the integrity of a piece during the restoration process allow us to retain its original nature as much as possible.


Before work can begin,the exact wood type of the object must be identified to determine the appropriate:

  • Techniques
  • Solvents
  • Finishes
  • Colors.

This type of work is not recommended for amateurs; There can typically be considerable physical strength demands depending on the size of the piece, the need for a number of tools, an ideal workspace with natural lighting, and a great deal of storage space.

Call us at 718-381-3548 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We're located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just outside of New York City.


Antique Furniture Restoration Services

. Structural repairs

. Compensation for missing parts

. Consolidation of veneers and inlays

. Touch-ups

. Matching stains to existing finishes

. Castings

. Carving

. Caning

. Leatherwork

. Upholstery

Furniture Refinishing Services

. French polish

. Waxes

. Oils and varnishes

. Hand-rubbed finishes for lacquers and polyurethane

. Patinas/aging/antiquing

. Gilding

. Glazing

. Strie

. Ceruse

. Distressing

. Sand-blasting

. Custom and special finishes as per client specifications